Improving healthcare provision

As catalyists for change our skills are in working with health organisations to continually improving performance and the quality of care. This ranges from supporting single handed GPs in the management of their practices, helping them to ensure that they pass the relevant performance and quality reviews with flying colours. To do this GP practices can draw on our extensive professional service functions to the provide them with the HR, legal, financial and performance management support that they need.

In a time of radical and far reaching change we can assist NHS organisations to transform their services by programme managing the transitions to new structures and delivering programmes that improve the quality of care. We can help reduce costs and improve quality thus enabling clinicians to focus on patient care and safety. Our deep knowledge of health allows us to work with your organisation to gain economies in back office functions at the same time as maintaining the quality of care. We have worked with commissioners, providers and patient groups to transform the way that health is delivered.


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